Victoria Tennis Group

A Tennis Club in Victoria BC - serving the local Greater Victoria area

Clear Summer skies are coming! Get ready for some great outdoor games.

The Victoria Tennis Group is a Tennis Club in Victoria providing leisure tennis to the local community. We are a Tennis club providing means for Tennis players to connect with each other in the Greater Victoria area. We have organized game events, Tennis Ladder play, and a large membership list in the local area. We play mostly on free local tennis courts in the summer and for fee indoor tennis courts in the winter. For New members and to get more information on how we operate, check out the Resources and New Members Page under Resources.

To sign up for the club, go to Contact Us page and fillout the sign-up form. All members are welcome at all playing levels.

For members only:

Why You Should Join Our Club

Victoria Tennis Group is focused on leisure tennis for enjoyment of the game and meeting others in the community. We have no annual dues or fees for playing outdoor or indoor games. Any court costs are shared by those that attend the game. 

Want to learn more about how we operate, check out New Members page.

All levels of play are welcome.

The group offers several organized doubles tennis games weekly, a tennis ladder to promote more singles games. Also all members are encouraged to setup 1-1 games with others in the group. Matching playing levels is best for enjoyment of the game.

What's the Best About Our Club?

This is a no pressure, no stress group. Join if you want to enjoy playing and meeting others without being worried about your on court performance.  All game levels are welcome.

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Victoria is a great place to play Tennis all year round. Join us for some outdoor play!